What is NIC Teaming?
NIC Teaming, also known as load balancing and failover (LBFO), allows multiple network adapters on a computer to be placed into a team for the following purposes:
  • Bandwidth aggregation.
  • Traffic failover to prevent connectivity loss in the event of a network component failure.
This feature has been a requirement for independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to enter the server network adapter market, but until now NIC Teaming has not been included in Windows Server operating systems.
Step 1: Go to Server Manager console and click on Local Server (left panel). Then select Enable NIC Teaming.
Step 2: On “TEAMS” click on “TASKS” and then on New Team.
Step 3: Assign a Team name select the Member adapters that you want to team.
Step 4: Just wait.
Step 5: Once is created, you can see the Adapters State, the Speed and etc.
Step 6: If you go to Network Connections to modify the network settings you should select the Multiplexor Adapter.
Source: http://goo.gl/UEKHvS