Windows 10  is a service, which means automatic updates are turned on by default and your PC always has the latest and best features. With automatic updating, you don’t have to search for updates online or worry that critical fixes or device drivers for Windows might be missing from your PC. Windows Update automatically installs important updates as they become available. But some users (like me) will not want automatic updates as it might take up system and network resources when they are doing critical work.

Remember, an up-to-date PC is less vulnerable to attack, so automatic updates are generally a good thing. But sometimes an update will make things worse, rendering a PC problematic or even unusable until the problem is solved.

In Windows 8.1 and before, Microsoft allowed users to turn off auto updates completely. Unfortunately in Windows 10, Microsoft does not offer any option for general consumers to turn off automatic updates. But there is a workaround to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10. Follow the steps below;

Step 1. Let’s right click “Start Menu” and click on Run. (Win+R)


Step 2. Type “services.msc” and click OK.


Step 3. Scroll down to Windows Updates, right click and select Properties.


Step 4. On “Startup type:” select Disabled.


Step 5. Apply the changes and click “OK“. After a restart the service will be disabled.



From now on Windows 10 Update process itself will not start in your PC which means you will never get new updates from Microsoft. I recommend using this workaround only when you really want to disable Windows 10 automatic updates. If you want to revert back your changes, follow the same steps again, instead of “Disabled“, select “Automatic” in the Windows Update Properties window and apply it.