In Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012, the Windows Search Service may bloat the Windows.edb file. When this issue occurs, the Windows.edb file grows to a very large size and consumes lots of disk space. In some instances, the file size can be larger than 70 gigabytes (GB).
Windows.edb is a database file of the Windows Search service… content indexing, etc.

To resolve this issue, follow the next steps.

Step 1. Download and install WinDirStat.

Step 2. Open WinDirStat and select the drive you want to scan. (In this case we selected the C: drive)

Step 3. After the scan you are going to notice a big file called Windows.edb.


Step 4. In order to delete the file, we need to stop the service first. Let’s do a Win + R and type services.msc.


Step 5. Let’s look for Windows Search, right click and select Stop.


Step 6. Now we can go back to WinDirStat and delete the file, I’m going to select Delete (no way to undelete!) cause I won’t need that file. (Right click to display the menu)


Step 7. Click Yes on the Warning box.


Step 8. Now confirm the deletion clicking Yes.



There is other way to do this, you can fix that by going to Control Panel’s Indexing Options > Advanced > Rebuild. But it may take many (many) hours to rebuild…. so I will recommend you to do it overnight.