Are you receiving the following error in the Application event log?

Query SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEvent WITHIN 10 WHERE (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ExternalEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VmLANEndpoint’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ComputerSystem’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VLANEndpointSettingData’)

Namespace //./root/virtualization

Error 0x80041010

Well, this is how I fix it;

Network Drivers

Microsoft Partner Support suggested that this might be caused by network drivers. This machine has both Broadcom and Intel NICs. For both, when I tried to update the driver, I got the message, “Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date.” Nonetheless, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the drivers to see if it helped.

First I uninstalled the Intel driver, version 6.3.9600.16384. After a reboot, the driver had re-installed itself, but with version The WMI errors continued.

Next I uninstalled the Broadcom driver, version After a reboot, the driver had re-installed itself, but with version The WMI errors continued.

Note that uninstalling the driver causes Hyper-V to lose the NIC association; it reverts to being an Internal network. After the drivers re-installed, I had to go back to the Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manager and re-assign the existing switch to the External network.

WMI Rebuild

Another suggestion was to rebuild the WMI repository. I ran this script from TechNet:

After running the script, I ran winmgmt /verifyrepository. The repository is consistent. However, the errors continue every 11 seconds.

Process Monitor

While working on another issue, I ran Process Monitor from Sysinternals. Interesting:  there are a lot of references to IProsetMonitor.exe, including unsuccessful attempts to read a “virtualization” key in the registry, followed by writing to a special event log, Microsoft-Windows-WMI-Activity/Operational.




The Short Answer

If you’re getting WMI 10 errors every 11 seconds on Server 2012 R2, try these steps:

  1. In Event Viewer, go to Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI-Activity event log and check for 5858 errors. If you see errors that match the WMI 10 errors in the Application log, use the Process ID from the 5858 event to find out from Task Manager what process is causing the error.
  2. If IProsetMonitor.exe is causing the error, check this Intel page to see what level of support your NIC has under Server 2012 R2.
  3. If Full Support is available, you may be able to update your NIC driver. You’ll want to use the full package that includes the PROSet tools. Mine didn’t have full support so this didn’t work for me.
  4. If only Out of Box support is available, either uninstall the Intel tools entirely and just use the Microsoft driver, or Modify the install to remove PROSet but leave the driver.
  5. Disable the service “Intel(R) PROSet Monitor Service. (This is how I fix it)